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A&T Trans Car Rental

There is no better way to enjoy your trip to Malaysia than touring by car. A&T TRANS TRAVEL Services Sdn.Bhd   makes Driving accessible and affordable. So why not rent a car in Malaysia today?

Our affordable and competitive Malaysian car hire prices make renting a car a very attractive proposition. And, we have many convenient locations from which to pick up and drop off your vehicle

Our nationwide car hire fleet contains top of the range vehicles at the lowest possible prices. Car rental choice with A&T TRANS TRAVEL Services Sdn.Bhd  is of the highest quality, all time maintained—we insist on using the top carrental companies, so that you can pick from the best available car rental fleet!

Each hire car is an up-to-date model and includes the latest features. Check out our car hire fleet to view the recommended number of passengers (to allow for comfort)and baggage capacities for each rental car.Then when you find a car you want, get a quote and reserved right away

A&T Trans Leasing

A&T TRANS TRAVEL Services Sdn.Bhd   Auto Lease is hassle-free and perfect for staff or clients who are here on long term contract and for those who would like to be in control of the costs. If you are moving to Malaysia for 36 months or more and want to enjoy the mobility of driving, then A&T TRANS TRAVEL Services Sdn.Bhd  is for you.

With A&T TRANS TRAVEL Services Sdn.Bhd , you can drive the car for a specified period of time and return the car to us once the lease expires. No worries about loan payments, vehicle buying and selling process, insurance or road tax. A&T TRANS TRAVEL Services Sdn.Bhd  is a time-saving and economic solution for your company fleet administration.